Lose Fat, Gain a Six Pack, and Look Shredded 
Supplements, High Intensity Cardio, Steroids, or Starving Yourself.
Lose Fat, Gain a Six Pack, and Look Shredded 
High Intensity Cardio or Starving Yourself.  
HAS YOUR MAN CARD BEEN REVOKED??? If any of the below apply to you.... trust me, it has. 
HAS YOUR MAN CARD BEEN REVOKED??? If any of the below apply to you.... trust me, it has. 
 Tired of not feeling confident at high-powered business OR life events because you have BELLY FAT?
 Tried all the "usual" workouts and diet fads (juicing, Keto, paleo) .... but still find yourself OVERWEIGHT AND UNHAPPY?
 Been meaning to get to the gym to get rid of a 'few' EXTRA POUNDS (including LOVE HANDLES), but haven't pulled the trigger and committed yet? 
 Or you COMMITTED and soon after, YOU CRASHED, BURNED, AND FIZZLED OUT.... now you're starting to notice how your fizzling out in the gym is affecting your business and career (they are also fizzling out or aren't as high-powered as they should be?)
 Find yourself making the SAME weight loss or getting shredded GOALS year after year after year after year..... ?
 More personal reasons you want to look shredded? Maybe your wife or significant other isn't looking at you like you're a SEXY BEAST anymore?
 Do you want to show up at the next pool party or beach day and be able to rip your shirt off, feeling 100% confident and like the BIGGEST BAD@SS on the beach? 
 Do you want to be able to look AND act like YOU ARE AT THE TOP OF THE PECKING ORDER instead of way down at the bottom? 
 Starting to worry that your weight is going to affect your HEALTH?
 Anything physical becoming a challenge? BREAKING OUT IN SWEAT when trying to keep up with your kids, spouse, or girlfriend? 
Yes, that sexy guy with the belly and man boobs on the left is me. Sadly enough, I didn't realize how freaking scary I looked or I never would have taken my shirt off...

Instead, I was out running down the road in the middle of a mountain relay for all to see and enjoy, thinking there wasn't a problem at all... uh... yeah.

At the time I was an avid endurance cyclist - cycling like crazy, a minimum of 2 hours per day AND 5-6 hours per day on weekends. I was tackling races such as the Leadville 100 MTB, one of the most difficult mountain bike races in the U.S..... shoot. Even that ugly photo was taken during 2-day relay race from Ashton, Idaho to Jackson, Wyoming (similar to Ragnar, only through huge mountain passes)....

What I'm trying to say is that it wasn't like I wasn't doing some serious exercising! I was putting the time IN. But what the heck. I still looked like, well... you see the photo. 

As entrepreneurs and business owners, we know there are two ways to work - BUSY WORK or MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES. Well, I decided it was time to bust into actually making GAINS (aka MONEY MAKING ACTIVITIES) and looking great versus just exercising for the sake of exercise (aka BUSY WORK)!

At that point, I GOT MY MAN CARD BACK and did everything I could to GET BIG AND RIPPED. I feel and look way better than I even did in High School.... I'm confident and feel like a bad@ss walking down the beach with my shirt off .... my wife thinks I'm HOT, and I have people approaching me all the time asking me how to do it.

After I recently helped one of my best friends pull out of depression, get his Man Card back, and start caring about his body and his life again, I decided every man should have the opportunity to do the same. 

....So I built a program to help ANYONE who wanted to feel like a Man again! Now you know my story - the ball's in your court! You In? 
Let Me Show You Everything You'll Get Today When You 
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Weight Lifting Plan
$399 Value
Get the EXACT plan that got me from "Man Boobs with Belly Fat" to "Big and Ripped" 
  • TIME EFFECTIVE & BODY SHAPE EFFECTIVE: Lifting only takes about 45 minutes to an hour per day! You do not need to spend hours and hours in the gym to get the results you deserve! As busy entrepreneurs and/or business owners, we KNOW our time is $$! With B.A.R.T. you don't need to waste any of your valuable time! 
  •  TAKE YOUR SHIRT OFF AT THE BEACH OR POOL PARTY AND FEEL EPIC: This is the EXACT plan the top body building athletes in the nation use to look Big & Ripped! No, you don't have to WANT to be an actual bodybuilder to want to LOOK EPIC! Feel 100% confident and like the stud of the party when you rip your shirt off! 
  • LOOK LIKE MONEY: You know first impressions make or break you. Take your spot at the top of the pecking order the SECOND you walk into a room
  •  GET YOUR SEXY BEAST MODE ON: Drive your spouse or significant other CRAZY with your hot body! 
Lose Weight the "Right" Way!
$299 Value
Confused about Keto versus Paleo versus Latest Fad?? 
  •  GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME: With all the different diets and fads the "experts" are constantly feeding us (no pun intended...) it's NO WONDER we are so confused! But look at a bodybuilder and tell me they don't know how to eat to look freaking amazing!! With B.A.R.T. you'll get the exact meal plan you need to lose weight AND get shredded at the same time! (**WARNING: you must follow the weight lifting plan along with the diet or you will actually get fat!**)
  •  IS YOUR DIET SABOTAGING YOUR RESULTS?: You can lift ALL DAY LONG, but if your diet isn't spot on, you will be sabotaging your results! Keep your lifting effective by eating the RIGHT diet the FIRST time.
I Actually DO Have Time for this Meal Plan!
$199 Value
Get the Meal Plan That You Don't Have to THINK About to Be Successful.... 
  •  SIMPLIFY WITH QUICK AND EASY MEAL PREP: The B.A.R.T. diet will be the LEAST sexy part of the plan! But it's quick, easy, and attainable. I'll share with you the quick & easy food you need so you can stay on track to becoming Big & Ripped! 
  •  YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE A GOURMET CHEF TO ACCOMPLISH YOUR EATING GOALS: The B.A.R.T plan won't confuse you with fancy ingredients. No crazy "change things up every week" so you don't know what you need when you go shopping without pouring over recipes and shopping lists for hours on end. 
  • SIMPLE AND EFFECTIVE so you can focus on making money, or your family, or whatever you want the priority to be in your life... instead of what you are going to have for breakfast every day! 
Break Through Your Past Failures with Your New Mindset
$399 Value
As an entrepreneur, you KNOW you have to have the right mindset to be successful!  
  •  SET YOUR GOALS: When you write down your goals, you are 42% more likely to achieve them! The B.A.R.T plan will give you the space and outline you need to write down and achieve all your body shaping goals! 
  •  CREATING YOUR VISION AND ACHIEVING IT: The B.A.R.T. plan will help you jumpstart your vision board and get on the path to creating your perfect body. Gain momentum and keep that momentum going in your favor knowing FHL is right around the corner! 
Decide. Commit. Get Big and Ripped.
Decide. Commit. Get Big and Ripped.
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